About Us
EAM is a deliberately small, highly skilled consulting company that focuses on new or rescue projects. We specialize in distributed applications for the web or client/server systems. We don't want to be the biggest - we want to provide quality solutions at reasonable rates.

What's Rescue?

EAM defines a 'rescue project' as mission-critical project that has been halted or is about to be halted. These projects are critical to the organization but for a variety of reasons (difficulty initiating project, difficulty completing project, or project out of focus or scope) the project is in trouble. EAM Consulting has experience in bringing these types of projects to a successful conclusion by bringing to the table the knowledge to make the continue/cancel decisions and implement a successful solution.

EAM's approach to rescue projects is the following:

  1. Assess the current situation
  2. Define the project plan for going forward
  3. Make the continue/cancel decision
  4. Execute
EAM realizes that not all projects can be resuscitated, that's why step 3 is the continue/cancel decision. You will have our assessment and a plan for going forward, if the solution seems viable we will execute on the plan. If not, you have a clear, concise rational for terminating the project.

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